Thanks for investigating with me if calendar doesn't work

Send me a print from this debug version:

You must have a newer watch like Fenix6/5, Forerunner 935, Vivoactive 3/4 or similar. Older can't do that. 

  1. Download this debug version
  2. Upload it to your watch to /GARMIN/Apps/ by USB
  3. Upload this empty log file to /GARMIN/Apps/LOGS
  4. Disconnect the watch from your computer and keep it connected to your phone
  5. Log-in as described here
  6. Give the watch at least 10 minutes (it can access internet only once in 5 minutes)
  7. Connect the watch to your computer again
  8. Send me all files from /GARMIN/Apps/LOGS to

Hopefully I'll find-out what went wrong. 

Thank you for your effort and participation. 

Don't know how to transfer files to your watch?

Use Android File Transfer. It works with all devices and computers.