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We help people to effortlessly navigate through the day and maintain healthy and balanced active life while working, training and relaxing.

We value

  • Design as the main connection to the person. We want him to enjoy what we created.
  • Simplicity: we strive for the simplest solution possible rather than complex tweakable mess. Simple is easy to understand. We focus only on what really matters and support the whole concept. Everything unnecessary is unnecessary. 
  • Battery lifetime: is critical for the outdoor watch. We do smart choices and optimizations to keep it running long.
  • Robustness: we expect things to go wrong. We are tolerant to bad inputs and recover from them. We strive to support all reasonable devices so people can enjoy our creation without hassle. 

How we cooperate

  1. We share our intentions before starting. We start with goals to understand why we do it. We value debate to distill best solutions from opposing debate.
  2. We experiment in branches and keep the master stable. We ensure the master works on all devices and don't crash at any case.
  3. We prefer rather smaller and stable independent increments so we can go back in time easily when things go wrong.
  4. We comment the unobvious by one-liners so it is clear even in the future when we forget or a newcomer will onboard, why some choices were made or why it has to be done this way.
  5. We respect ourselves. We care most about the outcome, but we strive for consistency, clarity and understandability of the code later down the road.

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